How to maintain a bug free lawn

Pests are not only disturbing when they are inside the house but also when they are around the lawn. Every homeowner is working tirelessly to ensure that the lawn is at its best for aesthetics. They also want to ensure that they got a place to relax at the outdoors whether alone or with visitors. The worst news however may come in that even the lawn is infected by bugs or other pests. It means some extra work to get rid of the bugs. At stages where the bugs have already established themselves, it might be difficult to eliminate them. At primary stages though, it will be much easier. That should tell you to be a vigilante on your lawn to discover when the attack is about to happen. Here are signs to keep an eye on.

  1. Brown or yellow dotting

A well maintained lawn represents a natural landscape that is worth a second look. Mostly, it’s the green grass that brings life to the lawn. When the grass is not entirely green and no soil fertility problems exists, there got to be something developing. If you discover some brown or yellow dotting becoming dominant in the landscape, there is a very high likelihood that aphids, bugs, grubs or other pests are at action. You will need Bugs or Us Properties-Rodent Control, Exterminator, Pest Control specialists to come and assess your lawn in advance and treat it where necessary.

  1. Is your lawn a hunting ground?

Nature has made coexistence key to survival for various species. Every animal or insect knows where to find food for the day. For the birds, they will hang around the areas they can find insects or other pests. If you notice that several ground-based animals and birds are hanging around your lawn, you should definitely understand that they are feeding on something. In most cases, they are after the pests which have infested your lawn. You should take action to stop the feasting by eliminating the pests first. The birds will disappear naturally after they find nothing to feast on. Yard and home cleaning are necessary if you want to live in a healthy environment.

  1. Easy pull up of grass

Grass and other lawn plants are planted on strong grounds. They should have strong roots to support them as well as prevent easy uprooting. If you discover that the grass comes off too easy, something is probably feeding on the roots down there. In these situations, repairing pest damage is necessary to keep the lawn safe and nice looking. Don’t hesitate to call Bugs or Us Properties-Rodent Control, Exterminator, Pest Control for diagnosis and treatments.

  1. Do you notice any bites?

Pests will be ever pests and there is one thing they have in common. They like biting plants as well as humans. While seeing the plant bites can be a problem, you can at least feel a bite on your feet. A bite means that pests do exists and no chances should be left to let them prosper. Fire ants, fleas and chiggers are known to spread in this manner. You should hire professionals to take care of your pest problem. However, make sure you hire someone who offers pet friendly services, so that your dog or a cat are not at risk.