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    You are a team of newspaper reporters from either a loyalist or rebel paper.  You are to cover incidents within the time period of the Revolutionary War, 1660-July 4, 1776 and report on them from the view point of either a loyalist or rebel.  When writing your articles make sure you show authentic life at that time. 


    Your team of three or four students will be constructing a colonial newspaper. Click here for instructions on Creating a Newspaper. The group must select a time period and the articles in your newspaper must be about incidents that happened within the time period your team has chosen.  This paper should date after the battle at Lexington.  While you research, write, edit and publish you will need to keep an historical perspective about the information and opinions.  You can be creative but must be historically accurate.  


    First your team must come up with a banner/title for your newspaper.  The team should decide who is the editor, newspaper reporter, social or feature writer, a political cartoonist, a photographer, an advertising copy writer, and an obituary writer. Please put your byline on your articles. You will be publishing your newspaper using Microsoft Word and 81/2 by 14 sized Ivory colored paper .  You should scan and download pictures, photographs, maps and put them into your newspaper. You must include in your colonial newspaper:

1. A news article

2. A letter to the editor complaining or complimenting about such things as the Quartering Act, the closing of Boston Harbor or the Stamp Act etc.

3. An editorial addressing the problems of loyalists or rebels.

4. A political cartoon.

    You may include in this edition information taken from incidents from Howard Fast's novel April Morning specially:

5. A human interest story

6. An obituary, birth notice, marriage

7. An advertisement

8. An advice column

9. An interview with a British soldier or colonial militia man.

10. An article on family living, foods, clothing, or education.



To find print resources. Go to  Click on Library Link.  Under Catalog Access, Click on school. Click on home when at home.


Colonial Newspaper Web Resources


     At the completion of this project, your group will have created a newspaper from the Revolutionary War era.  This newspaper from either the loyalist or rebel view point will give you a sense of what it was like for the colonialists during this time period and the incredible impact it has had on the formation of these United States of America.